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Caroline Doran

Leadership Coach and Change Specialist


Caroline is a leadership coach and change specialist working exclusively in the charity sector.  Her extensive experience in the sector informs her coaching and consultancy work where she focusses on supporting individuals and teams through periods of change and uncertainty as well as supporting leaders to step out of overwhelm and start leading with greater ease and impact.  She has worked with Cancer Research UK, British Heart Foundation, Mental Health Foundation, Christian Aid and Royal Society of Chemistry among others.

Caroline is deeply passionate about supporting purpose-driven leaders to step in to leadership with energy and impact.  Often our deep commitment and drive to make positive change in the world can lead to overwhelm. Caroline supports her clients to step out of overwhelm and develop an approach to leadership that is sustainable and aligned with their values.

Having led transformational strategic change in the charity sector for over 15 years, Caroline knows what it takes to lead teams through periods of change and uncertainty. Caroline uses this in-depth knowledge alongside her coaching skills to support leaders to deliver with impact through periods of change and transition. 

“Working with Caroline has had a really positive impact on my personal and professional life. I learned how to tap into skills and techniques I didn’t have the confidence to access before. Most significantly, I feel far more able to ask for what I need in situations, including saying no if I need to, and recognising and valuing my worth and contribution.”

Programme Manager, Mental Health Foundation

“Since working with Caroline I have a more positive outlook and feel stronger. I prioritise myself and my wellbeing and I’ve approached the new job with curiosity and excitement, while setting up the right boundaries to allow me to be truly effective and true to myself and my values.”

Strategic Lead, NHS

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