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Through my individual and group coaching programmes I support ambitious, purpose-led women to step out of overwhelm, build a clear vision for their future and establish the foundations that will allow them to have the impact they desire whilst thriving, not merely surviving.  


I often work with women at times of transition and change.  Through our work together my clients feel able to manage that change powerfully, in a way that works for them and the people around them. 

My coaching work is based around the powerful tools of One of Many™️.   I have combined my One of Many coaching tools and skills with my 20+ years’ experience of leading change in non-profit organisations to develop the Four Pillars of Thriving Leadership.  These pillars form the backbone of my group and 121 coaching programmes. Find out more about the pillars and assess the strength of your own pillar in this short video:  

If you...

  • Are on the verge of or considering a change

  • Are feeling overwhelmed by your current circumstances     

  • Want to feel more aligned in your approach to leadership     

  • Want to increase your confidence and impact      

  • Feel disillusioned or demotivated     

  • Know one of all of your pillars of thriving leadership need strengthening (see video to find out more)

...let's talk

Book a free 30-minute Time to Thrive exploration call today.


For a more in-depth session on one of the 4 Pillars of Thriving Leadership,

you can book a Pillar Power Hour here.


What is it like to work with me?

"When I started working with Caroline, I had lost my confidence and wasn’t sure what my path was any more. In a very short space of time, she made me believe in myself again and helped me to work out what my priorities were.  Since then I have re-evaluated things, changed my job, got my confidence back and feel like the old me again. Caroline played a massive part in this and I am so grateful that I got to work with and learn from her."
Nikki W, Manager, National UK Charity

"When I started coaching with Caroline I was just back from mat leave and had been unsuccessful in applying for a promotion. I felt unsure about where I wanted to go with my career and what my ambitions were. I felt frustrated and couldn’t work out what was holding me back. I thought that this was because I lacked direction. Through our sessions, I came to realise the issue was actually around feeling negative and with a limited view of my strengths, potential and power. Now I feel focused but not in the way I was expecting – for me, it’s not about having a final destination or clear path. I feel energised and enthusiastic about being open to opportunities and exploring new things. I think at the core of this is reconnecting with my self-belief."

Dulcie, Senior Manager National UK Charity

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