Delivering successful change - blog round-up

This round-up post takes you through the key stages of successful delivery so that you can easily find the post that will be most helpful for you right now.

Making a start – managers and leaders are under so much pressure, with multiple demands coming from all directions. This can make starting your project feel almost impossible. This post helps you take a step back and work on the definition stage of your project, making your first steps a natural progression.

Setting your project up for success – too many change programmes fail to deliver the benefits they set out to. This post takes you through the key questions you need to be able to answer to set your project up for success.

Managing multi-disciplinary teams – getting your cross-functional teams working well together, towards a common goal, is a key element of successful change delivery. This post looks at what can make this so challenging and helps you find ways to get diverse groups working together for success.

What if it all goes wrong? – if you feel like your project has slipped out of control, don’t fall in to the trap of looking around for someone to blame. Use this simple SCAPEGOAT model to help you assess where the problem is so that you can set yourself back on course for successful delivery.

Building evolving organisations - organisations that are built to adapt and evolve will thrive in our ever-changing world. Creating the environment for this relies on an organisation’s culture and the capabilities being nurtured in all staff. These two posts lay out the essential building blocks for creating an evolving organisation.

I hope you find these posts helpful for building and sustaining effective change delivery in your organisation. If you are looking for more in-depth support or want to talk through the issues you are facing in more depth please do contact us. We'd love to hear from you.

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