We are all change managers now

At Deliver Grow we believe that everyone is capable of delivering effective change.

All leaders have a vision for their team or organisation. Being able to translate that vision in to reality is the marker of success. All too often this translation is lost and projects falter or fail. There are many reasons why this happens and the anticipated changes don’t materialise. I’ve talked about this before here and here.

Failing to implement change well wastes precious organisational resource and leads to frustration and disengagement within teams.

So what is the answer? Do we all need to be highly trained change practitioners? Fully qualified project specialists trained in specific methodologies? There is absolutely a place for these roles in organisations and change programmes but we should not (and often cannot) always rely on heavy duty specialist support to make change happen.

For organisations of all shapes and sizes what will make a sustainable difference to successful change delivery is when it feels normal to everyone in the organisation. When delivering change is a core skill for all leaders of people we demonstrate that developing, growing and changing our organisations is what we expect our leaders to do.

At Deliver Grow we are passionate about developing change capability across organisations. About creating environments where these skills are seen as core to effective management and leadership.

Our approach focusses on five fundamental principles that underpin effective project or change delivery. They are simple to understand but take commitment and time to implement.

Purpose: Why are you undertaking this project or programme of change? What will be better? How do you know?

Engagement: Who needs to be involved? Who will do the doing? Who will be impacted? Who will make the decisions? How will you empower individuals and teams to deliver?

Progress: What needs to be done? How will you know it’s getting done? What could get in the way? How is the work being received?

Recognition: What are the challenges? How are they being faced? How are the right behaviours being rewarded? How is adoption being rewarded?

And underpinning all of these:

Communication: Who needs to know about the work? What do they need to understand? What do you need to understand? Who do you need to listen to?

These principles form the basis of the Deliver Grow approach to managing projects and change. We strongly believe that they are skills and capabilities that can and should be open to all managers in any organisation.

There will always be a place for specialist project and change management expertise. But not all situations or circumstances call for this level of support and many organisations aren’t in a position to buy in these services or employ this expertise.

By upskilling all managers and leaders to be able to make change happen you are equipping your organisation to bring your vision in to reality.

If you see the value of creating this capability within your team or organisation contact us to find out more about how we can help.

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