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Caroline was engaged to help us build a clear programme to effectively aid us move into our new organisational structure. It was a big one, and we needed to be organised, to move at pace and stabilise the team. She got a handle on what we were trying to do quickly. She spoke to the right people to understand the situation fully and wasn’t just reliant on me. Getting this 360 view was a great benefit.

She used this insight to set up a way forward that was right for us and didn’t present us with a ‘programme management by numbers’ solution. It was a difficult multi-faceted project and we needed someone who had the experience of large cultural change projects and could think logically about what needed to be done to allow action to happen. Her work absolutely gave us this and her experience helped to achieve what was needed.

In addition to this Caroline was a brilliant sounding board for me and the team. Having a neutral person who is experienced and can draw things out gently but with focus was immensely helpful.

She also was brilliant at keeping momentum and spirits up, and regularly brought her fantastic facilitation skills to bear. I would definitely engage Caroline for more work in the future.

Clare Moore

Director of Legacies and Stand Up to Cancer, Cancer Research UK

The Thriving Leaders programme has been the best 3-month investment in myself I have made in a long time! 'Thriving' is the best description for what this course aims to achieve - I hadn't appreciated that I was just surviving, and that it is possible to stop being so overwhelmed with life and work and constant busy-ness, and start to 'thrive' in my career and in my life. Through the 12 weeks of self-reflection, group discussion, exercises that give me new insights into how I see myself, new models for how to address challenging situations - I feel I am in a better place to be successful, effective and joyful at work and home: a better colleague, manager, mother, partner and friend. I've already started to make small changes and embed better habits to help meet my own needs - and I feel energised and hopeful about the future. Thank you Caroline!!

Anne Helme

Head of Research and Access at MS International Federation

I valued working with Caroline. She created a special space for us as a group to grow and to learn more about our individual preferences and where we can choose to feel empowered ourselves and in turn nurture others around us. Above all it felt right to have the gift of time and perspective to focus on my skills and talents and where I might go next.

Victoria Rae

Charity Consultant, Trustee and Coach

Simply signing up for the course released from within me a sigh of relief. Relief that I was taking positive action towards addressing the feelings of overwhelm and burnout that were looming. Over the 12 week programme, with Caroline’s calm guidance and education, and with support from a wonderful group of women, I gained the knowledge and tools to help me be my best. I am now using these tools virtually every day for personal reflection and to help me build and grow my leadership and career."

Laura Danielson

Senior Science Communications Manager at Cancer Research UK

I have been in and out (mostly in) overwhelm for several years. I heard about the course at a point when I had decided 'no more' - I was starting a new role I was excited about and wanted to bring my best self, with all my hope, energy and abilities. And 12 weeks later I feel like a new me! Not a different person, but like a spring-cleaned, powered-up, confident person who once again believes things are possible!

Sarah Williams

Publications and Information Manager at The British Liver Trust

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