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“But you’ve only got 100 pages left!”

I am perplexed and horrified. My husband has been reading his book for MONTHS. It is huge. And now, 100 pages from the end, he’s going to put it down.

He’s lost interest in it.

It’s no longer calling him to turn the pages.

He has decided where the book ends.

To say I struggled to understand this is a significant understatement. But why wouldn’t you JUST FINISH IT? After all that time. Why wouldn’t you get to the end?

I was getting really wound up by this, which was fascinating to me! What had been triggered in me? Why did I care?!

I think this is the ‘good girl’ in me coming to the fore. You finish the book. You see things through. You commit and stick with it.

But why?

My coach asked me a great question recently – “for what purpose?”.

How often do we ask ourselves that question? For what purpose? My husband was reading this book for pleasure and the pleasure was no longer there. So, if he sticks with it, it is for what purpose? Any answer that includes ‘should’ is one to be questioned. Who says? Why? Who decides what we should or shouldn’t do? How often do we question that?

Where could it help you to ask ‘for what purpose?’ Where do you need to question ‘should’?

Now, I’m off to read my book in the garden, which I will finish, but only because I want to 😉

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