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Here to help teams deliver their impact and thrive


I work with teams in multiple ways from one day workshops through to year-long team development programmes. 

Central to my approach is the Deliver Grow Impact and Thrive Framework.  This framework provides a flexible yet thorough approach to assessing where your team is now and what will be most powerful for you to focus on to take performance to the next level.

 I design every session in partnership with my clients to ensure that your specific needs are met.  To discuss how I might be able to support you and your team book a call here.


"I would describe Caroline's facilitation style as open and inviting. Caroline created space for us as a leadership team to delve deep into what was working and areas we needed to improve. She offers great balance by keeping us focused on both the positives and the areas to develop and, most importantly, helped us to drive action from what we learned.

The session Caroline designed and delivered helped us to form as a leadership team. Caroline worked with us over the course of four sessions where we reflected on what great leadership looked like and the steps we wanted to take to create a strong leadership team. She was able to take us through the positive areas of things that were working well and creating positive change as well as travel with us through the areas where we were hitting blockers and managing conflict. Caroline always held a compassionate and open space for the leadership team, ensured all voices were heard and played back to us what was important.


The outcome of working with Caroline was and is an ongoing journey as a group of leaders to help guide our teams to deliver excellence. Caroline has helped us to understand what is important, and why, and translate our ideas to tangible actions"

Fi Riley, (former) Head of Legacy Engagement, British Heart Foundation

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