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One-to-one coaching

The International Coaching Federation defines coaching as “partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.”

Coaching can support you in multiple ways.  Many of my clients come to coaching to develop their leadership skills and confidence when they step into greater levels of responsibility. 


I also work with clients who are facing challenging circumstances at home and/or at work; who want to find a greater sense of satisfaction from their work or life; and who are going through significant change.


Coaching is a powerful process that puts you at the centre, giving you the space, support and constructive challenge to make positive change in your life; maximising your potential and helping you to deliver your impact and thrive.

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Coaching Testimonial

"As so many leaders, I’ve dabbled with the idea of getting a coach for a while. I even wrote down Caroline’s mobile number in my notebook about 18 months ago as someone who I thought would be a good fit, she came from my charity sector background so would understand what I thought were my own quirky professional challenges. Glad I did. The time came -prompted by a crisis, as ever -  and I jumped in. What have I learned from my coaching with Caroline?

  • How to respond and not react: way too much of my precious life energy was being wasted on reacting

  • How to press PAUSE at any time: prevent overwhelm, preserve everyone’s sanity. I can’t and do not need to pick everything up. Just stop.

  • Make better decisions: that’s my job as a CEO, I get paid to make decisions. I now know I make better ones when I spend time actively reflecting with a coach. Don’t get tangled in the seaweed, get back up to the top of the lighthouse to see the full picture.

But perhaps more crucially, why on earth do we still wait until we hit a wall before we justify coaching for ourselves? Being demotivated and demoralised affects our wellbeing and our productivity. Do not put up with that, our employers sure don’t want that. Prevent the struggle, get the active coaching support you need. Let it be like your own electricity socket that you can plug into, recharge with.  It will be the source to help your lighthouse shine bright, wide and strong."

Julie, CEO

Thriving Leades
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Group coaching programme Thriving Leaders

My signature group coaching programme for purpose-led women runs twice a year – Spring and Autumn.  It is a twelve-week programme that will transform the way you lead across all areas of your life.  The programme is designed to create powerful and sustainable shifts in how you connect with yourself and others, letting go of unhelpful patterns and learning new approaches that will support you well beyond the duration of the programme.

The programme is a mix of training and coaching with an option to add in 121 coaching sessions to support your development.

“The Thriving Leaders programme has been the best 3-month investment in myself I have made in a long time! 'Thriving' is the best description for what this course aims to achieve - I hadn't appreciated that I was just surviving, and that it is possible to stop being so overwhelmed with life and work and constant busy-ness, and start to 'thrive' in my career and in my life. Through the 12 weeks of self-reflection, group discussion, exercises that give me new insights into how I see myself, new models for how to address challenging situations - I feel I am in a better place to be successful, effective and joyful at work and home: a better colleague, manager, mother, partner and friend. I've already started to make small changes and embed better habits to help meet my own needs - and I feel energised and hopeful about the future. Thank you Caroline!!”


Anne Helme, Head of Research and Access, MSIF

For more information about the programme and dates for the next cohort click here.

Step out of Ovewhelm
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Step Out of Overwhelm and Thrive Online Course

When we are experiencing high levels of stress and overwhelm it is not possible to thrive. It can feel difficult to make good decisions and move forward in a constructive, meaningful way when we find ourselves too busy to think.  Creating the space so that you can start to make changes that will set you up to thrive is an essential first step.

This online training programme is designed to support you out of overwhelm with very practical and easy to implement steps.

The programme is split in to bite-sized trainings with an accompanying workbook to make it easy to access and make time for.

The programme is designed to help you take stock, get clarity and then take action to break out of the cycle of overwhelm.  It then helps you to think through what needs to change to maintain that shift over time.

“Great course, that I would highly recommend to anyone who is in a place of overwhelm, or if you think you maybe heading into overwhelm. The 10 step first aid section is a lifesaver. Thank you Caroline.”


Clare Morris

Confidence toThrive
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Confidence to Thrive training (free)

One of the most common issues that comes up with my coaching clients is confidence. 


This prompted me to create this free Confidence to Thrive webinar.  It takes you through the building blocks of confidence and encourages to explore what is currently standing in the way of those building blocks for you. 


It helps you to create a clear picture of you as a confident person and helps you to start to move toward that version of yourself.

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