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About Me

This section is all about me, so what do you need to know?

Let’s start with why (as Simon Sinek suggests).  What is my why? 

I passionately believe that we can make positive change in the world.  I have spent my whole career in organisations committed to that goal.  AND I passionately believe that way we do it has to change.  Because I believe we can have powerful positive impact in the world AND thrive

I believe we can lead in a way that sustains us and those around us.

I believe we will make the most profound changes in our work and in our world when we are at our best, operating to our strengths and clear about our unique contribution.

I believe that the spaces we create as leaders have huge potential to create change in the world. 

And I am driven to support leaders to create the environment where they, their teams, their organisations can deliver impact and thrive.

Ok, so that’s the why.  What else is important? 


What led me here?

I’ve spent my entire career working in ‘for good’ organisations that are here to make the world better.  I’ve seen the passion, energy and care that goes in to this work. And I’ve seen (and experienced) how exhausting this work can be.  I’ve led large, complex change programmes with multiple partners across diverse teams.  I’ve experienced the highs and lows of working for a cause you care deeply about. I’ve danced with burnout.

Since 2017 I’ve done things differently.

I decided that sacrifice and exhaustion was not how I wanted to lead.

I decided to explore what doing it differently could look like. 

And Deliver Grow was born.

I am now a leadership coach, facilitator and trainer working with individuals, teams and organisations to help them deliver impact AND thrive. My work is rooted in the Deliver Grow Impact and Thrive Framework and is focussed on transforming the way we lead ourselves and our teams, sustainably.

So what sustains me?

Working with incredible clients who are as passionate as I am about doing things differently and creating environments where everyone can thrive.

Spending time in nature with my family.

Doing work that allows me to constantly learn and grow.

Getting lost in a superb novel.

Cooking up a feast.

Swimming in the sea.

Knowing I am making a difference

Caroline Doran, Founder, Coach, Facilitator, Trainer, Change Specialist

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