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In my blog for Careering into Motherhood I talk about the link between overwhelm and confidence. I’ve also recorded a podcast episode with Jane (the founder of Careering in to Motherhood) on this topic.

Overwhelm hammers our confidence. It tells us that we are not good enough. We can’t cope. We aren’t cut out for this.


Sorry to be shouty about it but I really want you to hear this. It is not the truth. You absolutely ARE good enough. The system we operate in, the sea we swim in, is not designed to allow you to cope, let alone thrive.

This does not mean that we cannot have the impact we know deep in our hearts we are capable of; it does not mean that our best work has to come at huge sacrifice. But it does mean that we need to decide to make a change. It does mean that we need to take a stand to no longer accept that overwhelm is the price we must expect to pay.

So, this is why I do what I do. Because I want the world to be different. I want all the incredible, talented, passionate, committed people in the world to see their brilliance, to own it and to operate from that place. That is what I want for all of us. For us to light up the world from the inside out. Not from the guttering flames of our burnout.

If you know overwhelm is taking its toll on you and you want to take immediate action to step out of it and find ways to stay out of it, you can now access my online training here. And the free Confidence to Thrive webinar can be found here.

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