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Here to help organisations deliver their impact and thrive


I support organisations at times of change or through strategic review to help you create the environment for your organisation to deliver impact and thrive.

This work is highly specialised dependent on the needs of the organisation.  It may take the form of creating the vision, values and strategic plan for the organisation; support leadership through a period of organisational change or a leadership development programme for the senior leadership team.  Key to my approach is the Deliver Grow Impact and Thrive Framework which will ensure you are prioritising your effort and energy where it is most needed and setting your organisation up for success.


“Caroline worked with us after a significant period of growth for the firm.  As a leadership team we needed support to redefine our vision and values for the firm and get clear about how we were going to work towards that vision.  We worked with Caroline over a three-month period to develop and clarify our thinking.  Caroline’s skills enabled us to think creatively about what we wanted and, most importantly, how we were going to get there.  Caroline then supported the communication and engagement phase of this work by designing and running a fun and engaging all staff day in the Summer, running a training programme with our management team and providing 1-1 coaching to key members of staff.  Caroline’s warm and inclusive style, along with her ability to challenge our thinking, has been highly valued by everyone she has worked with.”

Debbie Neiteler & David Backhouse

Austin & Carnley

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