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Rant incoming

Just to warn you, it is likely to make your blood boil.

And, thank goodness it is a report that is written and published because we need to be shouting ab

out this. And change has to happen.

Some high(low)lights

  • Half of the 5000 women surveyed reported feeling burnt out

  • Just over one-third rate their ability to switch off as poor or very poor and of these women 42% worry that their career progression will be affected if they are not constantly available. [OK, breathe, this one actually made me shout out loud in fury]

  • 40% of the women who were actively seeking new roles cited burnout as the reason

  • Women who work part-time are suffering significantly lower levels of wellbeing and satisfaction at work [resonated hard with this one from my old life]

  • 60% of women working in hybrid structures feel they are being left out of important meetings and have less exposure to leadership [recognise this one from pre-hybrid too]

  • 59% have experienced harassment in the work place AND 93% believe reporting non-inclusive behaviors will negatively impact their careers, and most feel that their employers won’t take action even if they do report these behaviors [more shouting in fury]

  • women in ethnic minority groups and LGBT+ women are more likely to have experienced microaggressions. And women in ethnic-minority groups are significantly more likely to be excluded from informal interactions, feel patronized, and receive disparaging or belittling comments about their race or ethnicity compared to those in their country’s ethnic majority. [and more shouting in fury]

Please excuse me while I go and scream in to a pillow.

This SHOULD make us angry.

If you feel angry about this, let it activate you.

What needs to change in your world?

What do you want to do differently or seen done differently around you?

What do you want to shout about?

When I doubt myself around the work I do it’s when I start to think that talking about thriving in organisations sounds a bit fluffy, a bit ‘nice-to-have’. NO! This is not a nice to have. It is essential for us as individuals and for whole organisations. When we exhaust, exclude, belittle, harass half of the workforce we harm everyone. This cannot continue. It must not.

This is why, for me, focussing on how organisations can thrive is so key. It’s about inclusion, fairness, wellbeing, motivation, values, clarity, impact.

We can achieve workplaces like this. We can experience work this way.

And there is hope. The report identifies Gender Equality Leaders – just 5% of respondents work in these organisations but they are there. These are organisations where women can call out non-inclusive behaviour and be supported; where women are supported to work flexibly; where women are advancing their careers in the way they would like to.

Women who work in these organisations can talk about their mental health concerns and feel supported; they are significantly less likely to be seeking alternative employment and hybrid working is working for them.

The first two recommendations in this report are:

1. Address the burnout epidemic

2. Make mental wellbeing a priority

This stuff is not fluffy. It is not nice to have. It is essential. It is central.

It has to change.

Rant over

|| Caroline Doran || Coach | Facilitator | Trainer || Book a call here ||


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