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This too shall pass

Who needs to hear that today?

I always think of this saying in relation to bad times. Remember that this challenge will pass. But the book I am reading at the moment has encouraged me to think about it through all times. The good and the bad. A way to stay grounded in the moment and remember that nothing is permanent.

My initial reaction to this was negative. How depressing. I want to hang on to the good times. To cherish them. But actually, the more I’ve dwelt on this concept the more I see the liberating power it holds. This too shall pass. Everything must change.

Accepting impermanence allows us to embrace change. It allows us to relish and savour the good times and helps us to be resilient through the tough times.

When we fear change it often comes from a reluctance to let go of what we have known and to step in to the new, the unknown.

When we hold on to the past – whether it is the good or the bad that we cling to: anger at something that happened to us; resentment towards a particular person; grief for what we have lost; yearning for the good old days; we suffer in the present.

What would it serve you to let go of today?

How can you release something you have been holding on to?

What is it time to say goodbye to?

And what do you choose to welcome in?

What change do you choose to step towards?

How do you choose to grow?

“It is not impermanence that makes us suffer. What makes us suffer is wanting things to be permanent when they are not” Thich Nhat Hanh

If letting go of what no longer serves you feels difficult and you would benefit from some support in moving forward and making a change, let’s talk.

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