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What do you not have time to not do?

“I don’t have time to not be in these nurturing spaces”

These words stopped me in my tracks this week.

We can so often get swept up in the busy, reacting, responding, doing of life that we forget what helps us to sustain ourselves within that.

We tell ourselves we don’t have time to do the things we know we need for ourselves. No time to.

But what if we just don’t have time not to?

What if by prioritising those things that we need everything else becomes easier or falls away?

The worry, the anxiety, the exhaustion.

What if by getting really clear on the things that help us step in to fulfilment were the things that really mattered.

What if those were the things we put first?

What is it you don’t have time not to do?

What difference would it make if you put that at the top of this list?

What message would that give to you and the people around you?

What would change?

I don’t have time not to:

· Be deeply connected with people who light me up

· Tend to the needs of my body

· Dance and sing and laugh

And everything flows from there.

What will you put to the top of the list?

|| Caroline Doran || Coach | Facilitator | Trainer || Book a call here ||


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