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When the going gets tough

Just FYI, the lyrics to that song are deeply troubling. And, in my view, the whole notion that ‘when the going gets tough, the tough get rough’ is the cause of a great deal of the world’s problems.

So what are we to do when the going gets tough, as it appears to be very much getting.

Spiralling costs of living.

Looming recession.

Global instability.


I’ve come back from a meeting with an inspiring CEO facing tough times right now.

And you know what, when the tough gets going, the heart-centred, values-driven, purpose-led leaders, get clear. Crystal clear on what is most important. On what they need from whom. On what decisions need to be made by whom. And about what support is needed to make it all happen.

When the going gets tough, these leaders understand that they have to be clear-headed, energised and well to lead their teams through the tough times.

It's not quite as catchy as Billy Ocean’s version but it’s a hell of a lot more helpful.

What’s feeling tough for you right now? In your life. In your work.

What do you need to get crystal clear on? What will drive your decision-making through that tough time. What are the key decisions that need to be made? What support do you need? How are you looking after your energy?

When the going gets tough, the wise get clear.

When the going gets tough, the wise ask for help.

When the going gets tough, the wise prioritise their physical and mental wellbeing.

I’m not sure it’s going to hit number one any time soon, but it feels a hell of a lot more sustainable, useful and kind than ‘getting rough’.

|| Caroline Doran || Coach | Facilitator | Trainer || Book a call here ||


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