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God that feels good

An empty inbox.

A cleared-out wardrobe.

A tidy desk.

These things do not come naturally to me.

I am not a neat and tidy person.

I can very effectively not see mess.


It niggles.

It adds up.

And then, suddenly, it’s unbearable.

Anyone with me?

Every now and then I embrace the joy of finishing things. Of clearing out. Of creating physical space.

Apparently clutter in our environment limits our brain’s capacity to process things. This may explain my recent sluggishness…

But how do you crack on with a job that triggers your inner teenager and just feels soooooo boooooooooring?!?!?

Here’s what helps me:

  • Set a timer – having a fixed amount of time has motivated me to see how much I can get done before the alarm goes off. This also stops me from feeling resentful that I am spending my time tidying!

  • Make it fun – for me this involves cranking the music up LOUD and singing along with abandon

  • Reward – a new plant for my office; a high-five with my partner; a happy dance; a gold star. Anything that makes me feel I have accomplished something good!

What helps you with the jobs you just don’t want to do but know you’ll feel so much better when they are done?

What could you commit to this week? What’s going to help you stick to it? What will make it feel worth the effort? How can you make the un-fun, fun?

Let’s relish the joy of finishing the things we always put off.

The joy of getting shiz done.

|| Caroline Doran || Coach | Facilitator | Trainer || Book a call here ||


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